J. Isaac – Welcome to the Planet (CD)

I’m not sure exactly if having two non-song tracks to start out your album is necessarily something a rapper attempting to reach that next level of fame really should be doing. When J. Isaac starts the song section of eir disc with “Baby Ez Up”, a lot of this doubt disappears. “Baby Ez Up” starts out in a Sisqo vein, but the backing beat seems to be a little anemic for the lyrics that are bouncing over the track. The slower style is what J. Isaac rests eir hat on for the majority of the disc, and by the time that “The Promotion” starts up, one can hear why ey was such a desired producer in a previous life.

The vocals and the backing beat work together to create something endearing on “The Promotion”, and the track has rightful aspirations for primetime on mTV or BET. “It’s Just Game” may have a guest star, but the lyrics on the track are just too repetitive to have this track be anything more than mid-disc fodder. The backing beat is interesting, but even something that plays off in the back section of this track is not enough to salvage this song; with 20 other tracks on this disc, perhaps “It’s Just Game” should have been left off of the final cut. The bassy beat to “It’s Your World” takes away from the vocals on the track. While the vocals and beat reside in two distinct areas, the fullness of the beat obscures the vocals, hiding what is actually an interesting flow.

J. Isaac actually has a hit on eir hands with “How I Roll”. It just shows that while guest stars on tracks are nice, sometimes one just needs to take things into their own hands to succeed. J. Isaac can create interesting tracks, but what seems to be the most major fault with “Welcome To The Planet” is that there are just too many underperforming tracks here. If about seven or eight tracks were taken out (including an interlude or two), the disc would be stronger and while it may only be 40 minutes, the resulting length would have hit after hit. One just needs to listen to “Do Or Die” to hear the talent that J. Isaac has; it just is a shame that there are so many tracks present that individuals have to wade through to get to the gold that are tracks like that.

Top Tracks: Do Or Die, How I Roll

Rating: 5.2/10

J. Isaac – Welcome to the Planet / 2006 306 / 21 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/jisaacmusic / http://www.306ent.com / Reviewed 07 October 2006


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