Jane’s Addiction – Up From The Catacombs (CD)

Individuals who have any access to outside musical sources (whether they be popular radio or music video stations) have at least some idea who Jane’s Addiction were. Practically any discussion about the nineties will have a section about the band (or their biggest hit, “Been Caught Stealing”) due to the effect that the band has had on individuals and bands both contemporary and current.

The fact that there had not been a definite “Greatest Hits” collection of Jane’s Addiction’s music is shocking to me; while there was a live album a few years past (“Kettle Whistle”), it by no means reflected the talent that the band had in the studio setting. The vast majority of the tracks on “Up From The Catacombs” are the original studio recordings as they were on Jane’s Addiction first albums. Of course, the inclusion of “Jane Says” in a live format is absolutely key, as it was the later introduction of Jane’s Addiction to slightly younger audiences a few years after the band had cracked it big.

The one criticism that can be levied about “Up From The Catacombs” would be that most of the tracks come from Jane’s Addiction’s two major label album. Pitifully few songs make it on the disc from the band’s first efforts, and I wonder if it might have been a more complete retrospective if a second disc was included. Still, the collection of tracks on “Up From The Catacombs” is solid, and allows listeners to get into the heads of Jane’s Addiction much easier than merely listening to their singles would normally allow. By the time that “Up From The Catacombs” ends, individuals will be sad that Jane’s Addiction crashed and burned so early in their careers. The amount of talent that they showed time after time on this album should make individuals sick that other acts of much more dubious talent are still playing music. The cost of this album is cheaper than it would be to get the two major Jane’s Addictions albums, and puts things together in a way that creates what amounts to be a brand new album by the band. Here’s to hoping that the demand for this CD shows the act that a reunion tour is necessary, so that in a few years, we can see the magic and allure of Jane’s Addiction once again on the stage.

Top Tracks: Whores, Classic Girl

Rating: 7.0/10

Jane’s Addiction – Up From The Catacombs / 2006 Rhino / 16 Tracks / http://www.rhino.com / Reviewed 17 October 2006


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