Janez Detd – Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day (CD)

The instrumental interlude that starts off “Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day” is something that I would never recommend a band to do. The minute of instrumental opening feels like eons whenever an act does it. Start from a 0 level, but don’t let a few minutes go by before kicking into the disc. Still, even with this early black mark against the band, Janez Detd is able to put forth an emocore track in “Killing Me (II)” that mixes together Avenged Sevenfold with Matchbook Romance to make something dark but deeply emotional.

“Anti-Anthem’ is a track that should have been on the last Blink 182 album; down to the power chords and slightly-snotty lead vocals, the band seems to parallel Blink at every turn. Sure, the Blink that the band reveres on this track is the more “emo” Blink than that found on “Enema of the State”, but Janez Detd is still able to put up some serious fury even with their emo trappings. The band will be huge in the United States just as soon as their video breaks on TRL; “Deep (These Are The Days)” seems to pull the best pieces of acts like Simple Plan and The All-American Rejects to create a song that all the preteens and teens alike will be singing along with, feeling rejected and like outcasts. It is not hard to understand why “Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day” sounds so damn good; Janez Detd has been around since at least 1998, the year that their “Bleenies and Blockheads” was first released.

Like their musical counterparts Sum 41, a track like “In These Days” marries together a pop-punk sound with a harder metal edge to come up with something fast yet not sharply-edged. The band drops their metal edge as fast as they assumed it, with a song like “Raise Your Fist” tying together the pop-punk of a “Josie”-era Blink 182 with the harder rock stylings of an act like Incubus. The positive message of “Raise Your Fist” seems to be more along the line of a Philmore or Dogwood, but without all the Christian mythology tied along with it. Janez Detd has been doing the grind in their home country for years, but it may just be that “Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day” is their key for surviving and thriving in the United States market.

Top Tracks: Raise Your Fist, Deep

Rating: 7.6/10

Janez Detd – Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day / 2006 I Scream / 14 Tracks / http://www.janezdetd.com / http://www.iscreamrecords.com / Reviewed 26 July 2006


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