Savannah Jo Lack’s “Knitting Songs” TBR July 27, 2010

Indie singer-songwriter-violinist (yes, she plays and sings at the same time) Savannah Jo Lack will be releasing her debut solo album, “Knitting Songs,” on July 27, 2010. The album will be available at online digital download portals, and hard copies will be available at shows and via her website ( A collection of breezy, engaging tunes, woven lovingly with wit and dexterity, and delivered at a mesmerizing, back porch rocking chair pace, Lack describes “Knitting Songs” as, “A little bit red earth and desert sky, a little bit glistening strings and pixie twists.” A fascinating songsmith, Savannah redefines the role of strings in pop music. By substituting older instruments for the macho posturing of electric guitars, she’s unearthed a fresh and spectacular soundscape that bears a timeless affinity with her achingly beautiful, husky, feminine voice.

Lack grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and now splits her time between her homeland and San Francisco. Known to some as a violin soloist, to others as a strings arranger and session musician, and to others as a composer and improv jazz musician, prior to releasing “Knitting Songs,” Lack was best known to Australian audiences for her work with indie instrumental group Trinkets, whose two albums earned her critical acclaim as well as a prestigious Golden Fiddle award for “Best Violinist on an Album.”

She has played live throughout Australia, Germany and the USA – performing with acts as diverse as Rod Stewart, Sir Cliff Richard, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra, Budjanova Chamber Players and Women in Docs. Notable shows of her own include USA supports for Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, as well as major festivals throughout Australia and North America (including the LA Folk Alliance). She’s also been involved (as violinist or arranger) in an array of recordings, including Alanis Morissette’s multi-platinum award-winning album, “Flavours of Entanglement.” As a film composer, her credits include the score for 2009 Emmy-nominated documentary “Betrayal, The Life & Art of Rudolf Bauer.”

Her music is difficult to categorize – while bearing marks of many genres, it’s not definitively folk, jazz, pop, country or classical fusion – and will appeal to fans of the “Virgin Suicides” score (featuring the French band Air), Nina Simone, Tori Amos, New Buffalo, Trinkets, The Swell Season, Imogen Heap, Cowboy Junkies, Regina Spektor, and Feist. Press has praised Lack’s music, with Folk Wax Magazine calling her playing “almost too beautiful to be believed, her string parts are perfectly layered into a sound that is flat out divine,” while Time Off in Australia called “Knitting Songs” “a defining hour for the already accomplished musician. Intertwining a love for that exquisite organic truth capable only of the violin, with an outright jazzy, and noir-like approach to folk-pop storytelling, the beauty of each tracks snowballs to its climax with a globular, lava-lamp-like warmth and familiarity.” Awaken Music calls her sound “a pure mix of pop, americana, folk, and authenticity that’s lacking in today’s scene,” and Muzik Reviews praises “her enthralling vocal style. She takes thought provoking lyrics that are sometimes dark and biting and softens them up with her beautiful intonations. …a strong debut for an artist that was more than ready to deliver the goods.”

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