Swade G – Ghetto Life (CD)

It seems as California has been a rap scene that has seen its day; there are few up and coming individuals coming from that side of things besides Glasses Malone and Lil Eazy-E. It was surprising to see an unknown rapper – in this case, Swade G – rep Los Angeles and actually come out with a rap album that comes forth hard with killer beats. The disc itself begins with “Dirty Walt”, a perfect introduction to the rapper that showcases his eclectic nature. Whether listeners are fans of gangster rap, the dirty south, or whatever blend of rap and pop may be on MTV and radio, Swade G has something for them.

“Dirty Walt” has a smooth sound to it that is reminiscent of E-40 and Nate Dogg, while there is a current style to the vocals that will appease that are fans of Lil Wayne or Fabolous. With a single-worthy track hitting listeners right out of the gate, the titular track for “Ghetto Life” has some big shoes to fill. “Ghetto Life” is a perfect blend of east and west coast rap, with a funk-laden hook that would be perfectly at home on a Warren G track, as there is a decidedly more hard, New York type of feel (touching upon the Clipse and 50 Cent) to the rest of the track. “Numbers” has a gritty, industrial style present that really sets the funkier, Parliament-infused hooks off.

Swade G lays out “Ghetto Life” smartly, as well. Where the momentum of a number of rap CDs are derailed by inane or otherwise stupid skits, Swade G has his mind on the money and comes forth with 11 solid tracks. I must admit that I have missed him on my searches through mixtapes and unsigned artists, but the work that he does on “Ghetto Life” should net him enough listeners to be picked up for a Coast to Coast or DJ Noodles mixtape in the near future. Check him out, as he spits pure fire on “Ghetto Life”.

Top Tracks: Ghetto Life, Money Then A Nut

Rating: 8.3/10

Swade G – Ghetto Life / 2010 Self / 11 Tracks / http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SwadeG

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