Jeremiah Houston Band – Leave You Behind (CD)

The first track of “Leave You Behind” is “Down in Lukenbach”. During “Down in Lukenbach”, The Jeremiah Houston Band go off into a current indie-country fusion that would make individuals like Pat Green blush. The production values of “Leave You Behind” is solid as all get out. I could easily hear the tracks on this disc turn up on CMJ or GAC. The fact that individuals that are not the biggest fans of country can find something that they can like on this album will only mean that the Jeremiah Houston Band will sell a few more copies of their disc.

The slower tempo of “Leave You Behind” gives individuals another way to understand the Jeremiah Houston Band. At some point, the band’s output on this track will remind individuals of hair metal bands like Every Mother’s Nightmare and Cinderella. The slower tempo continues during “One More Beer”. In this track, the band moves towards an older country style. Inidviduals could be sitting at any country bar throughout the United States and not raise an eyebrow if this track was placed on the jukebox. The inclusion of a lap steel during this track is an added benefit, as it further diversifies the output of the band.

The band speeds up to a Mojo Nixon level during “Move On Down The Line”. This track almost broaches the boundary of rockabilly, but maintains a firm foundation in country music. This Is another album that individuals do not know anything about at this point, but will rapidly climb the charts if the right individuals finds the album. The tracks are all short enough that it is extraordinarily hard for individuals to become tired of the Jeremiah Houston Band. It seems like each song comes to an end only a minute or two after it has started, regardless of whether it is 3 or 4 minutes. Perhaps the strongest track on this album would be “Southern Boy”, which has all the energy of a Lynyrd Skynyrd or 38 Special, even if the band is a little more country than either act. The band does start to find itself in a rut with “Trailer Trash King”, but this could be helped considerably if the track was moved to a different position on the CD. There just seems to be a lot in common between “Southern Boy” and “Trailer Trash King”, to the point that the two morph together.

Top Tracks: This Guitar, Southern Boy

Rating: 6.9/10

Jeremiah Houston Band – Leave You Behind / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 18 January 2006


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