Kaddisfly – Buy Our Intention; We’ll Buy You A Unicorn (CD)

There is a certain type of rest-filled sound to Kaddisfly; everything is not done with the burning intensity that is present in many other emo bands. However, there seems to be some syncretism with more sedate, “stoner” types of rock (Pink Floyd, Sublime) to create a sound that comes closer to At The Drive In and 311 than anything. The one thing that this change of style really does for the genre in general is move away from the easily-lambastable melodrama put forth by other acts; this makes emo into a stand-up music style largely free from the easiest criticisms poked at it.

The only weakness that can be easily gleaned on “Buy Our Intention” is that Kaddisfly does not have the immediate, radio-worthy hits of their contemporaries. This could spell disaster for the band as a smaller number of individuals know about them, but chances are the strong compositions and thought-out arrangements will bring in a solid base of support. The cohesion shown on “Buy Our Intention” is nothing less than amazing; the major struggle on this disc is Kaddisfly’s with a dragon in that it becomes hard by tracks like “Crimson Solitude” to continually innovate and impress their listeners. The combination of a catchy vocal harmony and its interaction with the shrill guitars of “Crimson Solitude” shows that simplistic, three-chord songs are not what the band wishes to show with their album. “Buy Our Intention” will only be shown as beautiful to those patient listeners who can give the disc more than one listen; the meaning of the disc will pass over soon unless the person tries to “get” it.

At sixty-seven minutes, there is some truth in proclaiming that this is a difficult album to get through; there are major derivations from the general style of the disc during tracks like “Akira” that keep individuals listening in. It is actually during a track like “Akira” that the band succeeds the most and without qualification; this is an inspired song that is singable, catchy and overall impressive. With a move back to the 311 type of style for “For The Ejection of Rest; They’ll Dance”, Kaddisfly comes up with a track that vacillates between dancability and high emotional content; the end result is an eclectic mix that succeeds on all levels. An innovative disc that will no doubtedly be shown as influential fifteen or so years after its release, Kaddisfly succeed in all ways with this album.

Top Tracks: Akira, Osmosis In C

Rating: 6.0/10

Kaddisfly – Buy Our Intention; We’ll Buy You A Unicorn / 2005 Hopeless / 15 Tracks / http://www.kaddisfly.com / http://www.hopelessrecords.com / Reviewed 18 December 2005


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