Kcuf – Modern Primitive Punk (CD)

“P.R. Song” starts off “Modern Primitive Punk”, and Kcuf comes forth with a style that lends itself well to the thrash-punk that hit it big during the early part of the eighties in places like California. The simplistic riffs of the track smash listeners upside the head and show that the band does honestly not give a shit whether individuals call them repetitive. What one will immediately hear about Kcuf is that the band is tremendously influenced by acts that range the gamut of styles from DRI to Slayer and Venom. There is no lack of talent exhibited by Kcuf, especially considering that the band can throw in a shrill guitar solo without blinking as much as an eye during it.

Tracks do not have a long lead-in; the band simply does not have time for it. Most of the songs range between one and two minutes; when the song starts to get boring to Kcuf, the song is jettisoned and the band moves on to the next one. The style in which Kcuf creates the music on “Modern Primative Punk” is in no way related to the bands in which constituent members came from (Dope, Korn). By approaching older styles of music with “Modern Primitive Punk”, the band does not necessarily date themselves. By focusing on the music instead of the band’s image, songs like “Every Second” are able to come to the fore and really hit individuals hard with its fusion of rock, metal, and punk. One wonders why exactly Kcuf took so long to put this disc to its fans; the music was recorded in 2002 and 2003.

The good thing is that this lapse in time does not negatively affect Kcuf in any way; this does not have a dated or older feel when compared to other harder music currently on the radio dial. However anti-PC “Josh” is, this 1985 gem is solid enough to really shine on a disc that showcases 18 plus years of additional musical experience by those same players. Mixing together hair-metal riffs with a Queers-like penchant for catchy vocals, “Josh” is perhaps the disc’s most memorable track. Another track that matches up well to “Josh” is “Chained”; the round and round of Kcuf during this track is linked to acts like To My Surprise and Primus. Kcuf comes forth with a panoply of styles; the one constant is that individuals will be rocked throughout.

Top Tracks: Josh, Chained

Rating: 6.4/10

Kcuf – Modern Primitive Punk / 2006 Corporate Punishment / 22 Tracks / http://www.kcufpunk.com / http://www.crazywhitesean.com / Reviewed 24 March 2006


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