Khierstin – Lost In This (CD)

Khierstin used to be a teenage model, and this fact really makes sense when one hears the opening strains of the title track. What comes forth is an inoffensive, innocuous brand of pop music that is vocally-led, so much so that the instrumentation present is pushed to the background. Each of the tracks on “Lost In This” sounds similar to what has been common fare in popular music – that is, tracks like “Wicked Game” have similarities to both Kelly Clarkson and more established stars like Sheryl Crow. The rock (instead of rap or R&B) focus to Khierstin’s music is a welcome change of pace, even if the shrill, noodling guitars are tracks like the aforementioned “Wicked Game” sound puny when compared to the tremendously-produced sound of eir vocals. The fact that the cover is of Chris Isaak’s one hit should not change any person’s opinion of Khierstin, as one will not be aware that the song is even a cover until that time when the unmistakable chorus comes to fruition.

This twenty-minute introduction to Khierstin is a little short, but the straight-forward pop that ey creates throughout is not hard to pick up on and decipher by the time a track like “Reaching” begins. Finishing off eir disc with “About You”, Khierstin models eir sound ever so slightly to incorporate both a harder brand of rock and even a minor amount of dance music. There is still the overall pop sound to the track, but the strong vocal presence of Khierstin is enough to make listeners reminiscence about the era in popular radio when sirens like Shirley Manson and Veruca Salt were dominant. In a disc that is not known for the virtuosity of its instrument, the disco-like beat played by the drums accentuates what is actually an exciting and vital guitar line.

For someone that had such a livelihood in a field that was as far away from music as one can get, this debut EP is surprisingly well done and catchy. Many individuals are not able to make the move from fashion/modeling to music (Rupaul, for one), and to so successfully jump from one style to another shows a talent to Khierstin that is shocking, to say the least. Keep listening in for Khierstin, as there is no doubt that this former model will be able to take eir backing band to new heights, proving the old maxim “Women should be seen and not heard” wrong at all levels.

Top Track: Wicked Game

Rating: 5.5/10

Khierstin – Lost In This / 2005 Self / 5 Tracks / / Reviewed 09 July 2005

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