Me, Three – The Space Race (CD)

Eighties synthpop, ambient, dance, modern classical music – these are all different words that fit appropriately to how Me, Three begin their “The Space Race”. Despite the act’s unique sound, the act is able to create a lively narrative in this track that will have listeners following the songs out to its post-four minute end. The band is able to avoid the pitfalls that a number of more experimental acts fall into, as the tracks are able to gradually take on different sounds, tempos, and even influences while establishing a proper context for them.

This lively demeanor follows into the disc’s second track, “Rebirth”. With a number of distinct elements working simultaneously on the track, high and low, slow and fast, a cogent sound is creating that is twinkling brightly on a dark musical backdrop. While these are some of the warmest months of the year, listening to “Rebirth” or “Better, Brighter” reminds me to those cold, clear nights with nothing else than a starry sky to illuminate. Me, Three establish themselves as good not only because they can create this rich musical sound scape, but that there is such a warm feeling to the tracks here. Where the cleanliness of the musical arrangements is perfect, there is just enough soul present in a “Rebirth” that listeners can readily identify with the band. “Our New Skin” is another step forward for Me, Three in that they successfully marry some of the newest sounding music with a jazz influence.

Couple these extremes with a slightly funky string sound, and what listeners have in this track is something that could make it on a forward-thinking college radio station or NPR affiliate. “The Space Race” ends with “Heart Magic”, a track that incorporates vocals in two distinct ways. Where these vocals do take over for much of the narrative on the track, they interface with the instrumentation to create more complex and heady melodies than would normally be present on the album. “Heart Magic” is a track that showcases that Me, Three still has some new musical paths to travel. Give “The Space Race” a listen, and see how their compositions differ both in terms of time (grab the follow-up a few years down the road) and context (live instead of studio, if they tour around you).

Top Tracks: Rebirth, Digging A Hole

Rating: 8.5/10

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