NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Low Twelve

Low Twelve began in a basement on West Graham Street in Bloomington Illinois during the summer of 1998. The band was founded by bassist/singer Pete Altieri and guitarist Tim McCleland. Les Aldridge was added as a second lead guitarist in late 1998 before the band’s first performance. Original drummer Steve Chestney was replaced by Wes Pollock in late 1999. The band recorded two demos prior to their first full length, Flesh of the Weak in late 2000 when they supported Pro-Pain on the Round 6 tour. The track “Brutal World” was featured on the horror movie soundtrack for Jigsaw and they received praise in the metal media for their debut release. They followed up with a double CD/DVD release, Maggot Ridden Rotting Movie and Unfit For Human Occupancy, which led to legal troubles with a fan in the film. For those reasons, the Maggot DVD was removed from the package and the band only sells the CD now.

In 2004-2005, Low Twelve recorded their next full length album, This Side Toward Enemy and released it on February 14, 2006 on Rotting Corpse Records. The first pressing of the CD sold out in the US as well as Europe and Asia to legions of new Twelve Heads. The band played many shows in 2006/2007 in support of the release and continued to stomp ass without mercy. Low Twelve had the honor of opening for GWAR on October 24, 2007 at the Canopy Club in Urbana Illinois to a sold out house of nearly 1,500 metal freaks! Low Twelve has slammed over 250 live shows in their 10-plus years of brutality on this planet.

Les Aldridge decided to pack it in after 10 years in March of 2008, so the band decided to return to the original two-guitar player concept. Meister, formerly of the Breed of Sedition/Human Hatemachine/Killborn joined forces with the band. Soon after Meister was added another fret-ripper – Dan Steinlicht (Zeroshift) – was drafted and welcomed the challenge. The Low Twelve sound was changing, but got even heavier with two guitar players in tow. In July of 2009, the band regretfully parted ways with guitarist Dan Steinlicht. Low Twelve continued to record their new CD, Splatter Pattern, and in late August 2009 asked Les Aldridge if he wanted to come back and play guitar again. Les accepted the offer and is now back in the lineup along with Meister, Pete, and Wes.

The recording of Splatter Pattern began in April 2009 with basic tracks. The release contains new songs plus a rerecording of their classic “Lines Drawn” as a special treat to the devoted Twelve Heads that supported the brutality since the beginning. The new CD features killer artwork from world renowned artist Jeff Gaither who did also the art for This Side Toward Enemy as well as all Heavycore CD and DVD releases to date. The band will release Splatter Pattern on May 11, 2010 on their own label, DBC Records. In October 2009 Low Twelve filmed a video for the Splatter Pattern cut “Bodies In My Pocket.” one. This will be the first of several videos the band plans to shoot in support of the new CD.

Low Twelve are proud members of Heavycore – – and wave the metal banner high and proud!

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