Tools of Creation – Adventures in Chaos (CD)

The heavy bass line that begins “Adventures in Chaos” is reminiscent of Anthrax’s version of “Got The Time”. This properly-energetic track is the perfect introduction of the band to fans, and represents just one of the many high points that the disc has to offer. Intense vocals, splashy drums, and driving guitars all unite to create a track that straddles the line between rock and metal. “Bridge Too Far” switches up Tools of Creation’s influences to incorporate alternative and punk genres, even as the vocals assume a tenor that will undoubtedly place the band on a number of different rock radio stations.

“Movin’ On” brings listeners to a styling that privileges equal amounts rock and funk, all while the band explores different time signatures and tempos. What will hit listeners during the whole of “Adventures in Chaos” has to be the band’s spontaneous nature. Many bands will settle into a specific style of music by the middle point of an album, but Tools of Creation continually innovate and impress throughout the entirety of this new album. Take, for example, a track like “Crash Course”. Blasting forward with a tremendous speed and cohesive sound, Tools of Creation will immediately ensnare listeners for the entirety of the cut.

Particularly noticeable during “Crash Course” has to be the vocal harmonies achieved during the chorus along with the instrumental interplay that immediately precedes them. “Wicked Things I Know” is the penultimate track, and will show listeners that the band’s dedication and drive does not falter in the album’s twilight. There is a more guttural and visceral feel to “Wicked Things I Know” that is not paralleled on “Adventures in Chaos”. This is a reward for intrepid fans that stick through the bulk of the disc, and it leads in well to the album’s final track, “Bullets For Breakfast”. “Bullets For Breakfast” is catchy, hard-hitting, and will stick with listeners well after the album winds down. If you are a fan of any type of rock, make it a point to pick up “Adventures in Chaos” and see Tools of Creation whenever they may be coming through your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: Too Much Isn’t Enough, Movin’ On

Rating: 8.1/10

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