I Want Your Money: Director’s Cut 2012 Edition (DVD)

Ray Griggs attempts to show with I Want Your Money how exactly the different political parties view their relationship with their citizenry. Using speeches from Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, there are a number of differences that are shown. While there is a full hour and a half to this DVD, I still feel as if there could have been more coverage presented. What results in I Want Your Money is a title that begins to tell the full story and stops – there is more to a party’s believe than what a few minute clip can reveal. The video and audio quality of I Want Your Money is strong enough to enjoy with friends, and represents a solid commitment to their fans by Griggs and Monarch Home Video.

I feel that there could be a number of different speeches included with subsequent editions of I Want Your Money to properly show the differences that exist even within the Democratic and Republican party. Furthermore, there are a number of viable third parties in the United States that would also have opinions about government’s role that could be surveyed.

It seems as if Ray Griggs attempts to update this film whenever situations change. I would hope that ey can continue to build off of the blueprint that is created with I Want Your Money and ask different people, parties, and maybe even individuals in different countries. If ey can do that, then I have no doubt that I Want Your Money will be used in political science classes to further highlight the differences that are present in the United States between members of different racial, economic, and political cohorts.

Rating: 6.5/10

I Want Your Money: Director’s Cut 2012 Edition (DVD) / 2011 Monarch Home Video / 92 Minutes / http://www.monarchvideo.com

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