Point Juncture, WA: “Chronological Order” video!

We’re so excited that Willamette Week has just premiered Point Juncture, WA’s awesome new “Chronological Order” video, off this year’s “Handsome Orders” (Mt. Fuji) full-length (which, if you don’t have your copy, I would love to send your way). Please watch & share! Here’s what they had to say:

“When you listen to this gorgeous, powerful three-minute song and watch this weird dreamlike video flash by, know that Point Juncture, Wa’s unique magic relies on some incredibly rare alchemy. I’ve heard bands talk about being like family, but PJWA means it: They are four best friends with a shared history, a shared musical aesthetic and damn near the same exact sense of humor. All of that translates to the stage and to the studio. If this song works, it’s because Victor, Amanda, Skyler and Wilson all know how to listen to one another in a way that’s rare in pop music.

This thing moves me to tears—in part because of the sweet song and the sentimental video, and in part because, for me, Point Juncture, Wa. is the best kind of band to root for: They play music only because they find joy in playing music; They stick together only because they love each other; The songs work because the band has developed a weird musical language unto itself. Skyler told me, in a recent interview, that he thought this band would be together forever. I believe him. This isn’t lust, it’s love. It’s family. New record Handsome Orders is a testament to that, and the video for “Chronological Order” is a sweet little home movie.”

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