Warren Wolf – S/T (CD)

This is Wolf’s debut recording, but listeners will not be able to tell that with the caliber of tracks that are present. The album begins with 427 Mass Ave, a track that immediately introduces all to where Wolf is from and where ey wishes to take you with the rest of the album. Natural Beauties immediately follows up 427 Mass Ave, and showcases the storytelling skill of Wolf more than anything. It is with Natural Beauties that the arrangement side of things is properly presented to listeners, representing a thread that continues through the entirety of the album.

How I Feel At This Given Moment inserts an emotion-filled line into the track that showcases the intensity of Wolf’s work, a trend that is looked back upon with both Emily and Intimate Dance. Eva is a track that deserves some ink, as well. The track is able to give listeners a back and forth that belies its five minute runtime; there is something positively epic about the track. With a contemporary but challenging view upon what jazz should be and where ey wants to take listeners, Warren Wolf’s self-titled debut is something that should be searched out.

As it is on Mack Avenue, chances are good that your local independent music store will have a copy of the disc. Make sure to buy it and spin Katrina first; when it comes to emotional honesty and intensity, there is nowhere else on this disc that Wolf is able to shine more brightly. Dig the tracks on the album, see Wolf live whenever ey drops around you, and see exactly what jazz should be in the 2010s.

Top Tracks: 427 Mass Ave, How I Feel At This Given Moment

Rating: 7.5/10

Warren Wolf – S/T (CD) / 2011 Mack Avenue / 10 Tracks / http://www.warrenwolfmusic.com / http://www.mackavenue.com

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