Eve To Adam – Banquet For A Starving Dog (CD)

It is always interesting to see a band like Eve To Adam on the upside of their move toward fame; I believe that Banquet For A Starving Dog will be where many listeners first can get in to the band. The title starts off with Run Your Mouth, an assertive track that will provide fans with a first look into the band’s unique take on rock music.

Where modern radio rock has largely become stale as acts like Seether and Nickelback continually release the same sort of music, I feel that the different cuts present on Banquet For A Starving Dog provide a substantially different take on the genre.

These tracks may have a few common threads shared with Papa Roach or Hinder, but one just needs to listen to Ransom or Hold The Light to understand how the band differs. In a period where acts only focus on how they will get onto the radio, Eve To Adam attempts to make an album in Banquet For A Starving Dog that hits hard from beginning to end.

Over the course of 13 tracks, I believe that Eve To Adam have created a successful time capsule into their time as a band, while giving listeners music that they want in a fashion that they have never heard. The album’s titular track will burrow its way deep into listeners’ ears, and not give up until well after the album finishes. Glasses High, the penultimate effort, showcases where the band has been and where they will be over the course of the next few years – I know I am excited for where the band could conceivably end up.

Top Tracks: Run Your Mouth, Banquet For A Starving Dog

Rating: 7.5/10

Eve To Adam – Banquet For A Starving Dog (CD) / 2011 Mighty Loud / 13 Songs / http://www.evetoadam.com

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