Lael Summer Burden To Bear CD Review


I Need A Man has vocals from Lael Summer that blend together equal amounts of Donna Summer and Meredith Brooks. The soul / funk groove is the perfect backdrop for Summer’s vocals which will impress with their sultry fire and impressive range.  Too Much has the same laid-back approach of mid-seventies Santana or James Brown; the raw power of Summer’s vocals bubble just underneath the calm and controlled exterior that is presented during the first half of the track. The mix and production here are perfect – this could easily be presented on jazz or adult contemporary radio rotation.

Make You Whole is a rare example of a track that nearly reaches the five-minute mark while still keeping listeners on the edges of their seats. The song is soft and tender, requiring nothing more that Summer’s vocals and a piano. Her expansion upon the Ani DiFranco / Tori Amos singer-songwriter genre comes in the notes that she hits. The track moves from slow to fast, quiet to slow, and will keep listeners focused in as she continues to ratchet up the drama.

Do What You Want and Be What You Are, What Do I Know (About Love) are two late-disc efforts that destroy the presumption that musicians put their strongest foot forward. Do What You Want and Be What You Are is a track that links together Mariah Carey with the late seventies (disco and Stevie Nicks are but two influences), while What Do I Know (About Love) keeps a bouncy and fun sound while adding a shifting and jangling bit of razzle-dazzle. Lael Summer has made an album that is strong from start to finish.

Top Tracks: I Need A Man, Do What You Want, Be What You Are, What Do I Know (About Love)

Rating: 9.0/10


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