Animal Lover – Guilt (Vinyl)

Three dudes and six songs can still add up to a lot of noise. On their latest 12” EP, Guilt, this Minneapolis trio conjure up an aggressive, eclectic mix of atonal music. Whether or not the result is impressive all hinges on how much you can take of the barrage of sounds. I gave up after just two go rounds with the record.

The band sounds a bit like Primus on a binge (which might come across as a bit redundant) thanks to the strong bass parts. But the vocals end up fighting a losing battle to be heard in a rough sea of bashes and distorted chords.

Like acid jazz and Nordic death metal, this record is certainly not meant to appeal to more than small collection of folks who will reveal in what makes this album so difficult for many to appreciate. For me, though, I’ll just have to side with the majority of the music listening public who can’t get behind this one.

Animal Lover – Guilt/6 tracks/Learning Curve Records/2014


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