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Earth & The Next Society are currently preparing their latest effort, The 100th Monkey.  Cheap Hustle has a soulful and funky groove that builds off of eighties rock into something vibrant and current. Confident bass, drums, and vocals elicit comparisons to Hall and Oates and later Eagles, while the bold and front-forward vocals ensure that listeners will be on the edges of their seats.


Awake and Alive is Earth & The Next Society’s own unique blend of rock and alternative. The hopeful sound of the guitars and drums highlight the vocals, creating an effort that s ready for online and radio rotation. There is an effervescence to this band that permeates all points, and is particularly evident in Goddess of Light. Goddess of Light has hints of late sixties and early seventies psychedelic rock, replete with a crooning, Led Zeppelin meets Alice Cooper feel to the vocals. The track has a slower tempo, ensuring that listeners are able to discern all the nuances inserted into this effort. Sedona is a solid blend of arena and down home bar rock. The track drips with cool due to the aural assault of Earth & The Next Society, which is coupled with a set of vocals that will resound in listeners’ minds long after the release ends. Of particular note here has to be the splashy percussion, which inserts a spontaneity that keeps things fresh from beginning to the last strains of the track.

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Top Tracks: Awake and Alive, Goddess of Light

Rating: 8.4/10

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