Chasing Claire Deadbeat Single Review

The first sample from this Australian act’s new EP “Options”, Deadbeat is an effort that showcases a wide array of twists and turns in a sub-five minute package.Untitled

There is a hard rock sound that is cultivated through the band that is moderated through more introspective guitars and drums. What results is something that is reminiscent of Dead Kennedys and the Sex Pistols. The raw fury that Deadbeat possesses will tattoo itself deep into the mind and psyche of anyone listening in, while the arrangements showcases a maturity that belies the band’s time together. There is an unpolished and raw sound here that will appease fans of the Detroit rock scene of the early seventies, the punk of the late seventies / eighties, and even those that threw their lot in with the more sludgy rock of the nineties.

The passion of the vocals builds off of the work of Kurt Cobain while having a current sound; this is a track that could easily garner airplay on alternative rock stations.  The sizzling guitar solo that begins the lead-out to Deadbeat provides further evidence that the band has some talent in spite of the grittier sound that greets listeners. Three members are all that is needed to make a wall of sound that will assail listeners.

Keep an eye out for more information about Chasing Claire’s Options, as the strong showing on this introductory track is a positive sign for the music to come. For more information about Chasing Claire, visit their Facebook or Soundcloud links. Here’s to hoping that the band is able to parlay a hell of an introductory single into greater success through the end of 2015 and beyond.

Rating: 8.6/10

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