Key Ways to Improve Efficiency in Shipping and Receiving Departments

Working in the shipping and receiving department of any company can be totally overwhelming. However, if you are the departmental manager of a large company that sends and receives huge shipments daily, you are probably looking for some key ways to improve efficiency in your department. Here are some suggestions that may make your job so much easier, and certainly a whole lot more organised.

Digital Inventory Devices & Apps

One of the more recent developments that can be a huge time and energy saver is a wireless inventory management system with software that can be tailored to your organisation. Literally every part or product you could send or receive can be entered into the mainframe and as shipments arrive and depart you can simply scan cartons or log them in with your handheld device. What a major timesaver this type of app has proven to be. Wherever possible, use technology to make tasks that much more efficient and cost effective.

Delegating Key Workers for Specific Tasks

One of the main things any department manager should learn is to delegate important tasks to key personnel. As the shipping and receiving department manager, why not designate one person for being in charge of all outgoing shipments and a totally different person for incoming lots. In this way, no one person gets bogged down and overwhelmed and it aids in easier recall if something goes awry along the way.

Not only will this make your job easier and a whole lot less stressful by taking some of the onus off you, but it will give key employees a sense of empowerment which is vital to increased performance. Learning to delegate makes your job easier, gives workers a chance to shine and certainly helps improve efficiency along the way.

Manually Stamping Incoming and Outgoing Packages

Although you may have the latest state-of-the-art inventory devices, it is often essential to stamp cartons in case there is any question as to the contents at some later date. Personalised stamps are ideal for this purpose because the shipping worker or the receiving person will be able to quickly mark each package as personally inspected.

Few companies just receive boxes without checking the contents and you will want to know who did the assessment in the event that something is wrong with the shipment. You can get personalised stamps by the next day at sites like which will enable your shippers and receivers to create visual markings of packages they personally inspected.

Don’t ever get the impression that shipping and receiving isn’t as vital to a company as any other department. Quite often those who work in the warehouse setting feel ‘less than’ needed but if you think about it, your role is vital to the success of the company. Some mistakes can be quite costly for the company, so you are the first line of defence when it comes to ensuring the accuracy of incoming and outgoing shipments. Without highly focused and diligent personnel, your company could lose a significant amount of money. Keep these tips on hand and before long you’ll be gliding through your days relatively stress-free and certainly a whole lot more efficiently.

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