Moonbeam City Premieres 9/16 on Comedy Central

“Moonbeam City” is Comedy Central’s arresting new animated series that delves into the sex, violence and pastels of another time. Walking a very thin neon line, with its absurdist take on the gritty, sex-drenched crime dramas from the 1980s, this retro-futuristic cop extravaganza dares to go to the mean streets of mystery and criminal excess. What will it take for this dysfunctional police force to protect their beloved, neon-soaked metropolis?
Tune in to the ten-episode debut season of “Moonbeam City” which kicks off on Wednesday, September 16 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT following the 19th season premiere of “South Park.”

The “Moonbeam City” series voice talent includes Rob Lowe (“Parks and Recreation”) as Dazzle Novak, the handsome, idiotic detective who commits more crimes than most criminals, Will Forte (“The Last Man on Earth”) as Rad Cunningham, the obnoxious rival to Dazzle who will stop at nothing to destroy him, Elizabeth Banks (“Wet Hot American Summer”) as Pizzaz Miller, the sexy, tyrannical chief of police, and Kate Mara (“House of Cards”) as Chrysalis Tate, the city’s only competent police officer.

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Author: Yousuf Ahmed

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