Tony Fazio Another Way CD Review

So What is a bluesy, classic sort of rock that links together Charlie’s vocals with emotive guitars (Tony Fazio) and on-point drums (Greg Phillips). Those Things of Old is a track that links together psychedelic and bayou-tinged rock and blues into an unique format. The inclusion of harmonica during this track keeps Another Way hitting on all cylinders. Another Way succeeds due to sizzling guitar work laid down by Fazio; hints of mid-seventies Santana and Clapton can be heard in this gritty and sultry composition. The act is able to have each element combine to create something cohesive but still have all the skill and talent of the element (guitars, drums, bass, and vocals) shine through brightly.


Early Morning Blues keeps the momentum of Another Way through a groovy guitar line and back and forth with the drums. Sixties rock and a modern take on the blues make this track work for those that have been listening to the classics as well as more contemporary fare. The ability of Fazio and the rest of the band to create a narrative with the instrumentation is simply unparalleled; the guitar and bass unite here to tell more of a story in five minutes than most acts are able to do in the space of five minutes.

The one-two punch of Home and Brand New Way provide an emphatic ending to a great album. The driving tempo of the track keep listeners on the edges of their seats, while Brand New Way is a cool and laid-back track that provides fans with hints of the previous efforts on Another Way. Few albums are able to showcase such a wide array of influences and styles, but this trio is able to lay down their souls with ten tracks. Visit Fetal Records’ website for more information about this taut act.

Top Tracks: Those Things of Old, Early Morning Blues

Rating: 8.7/10

Tony Fazio Another Way CD Review / 2015 Fetal Records / 10 Tracks /

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