Hobbsy Risen From The Dead CD Review

Hobbsy Risen From The Dead CD

Hobbsy begins their Risen From The Dead with Second Coming, a brief introduction to the sounds and approaches that Hobbsy will present during the EP. The haunting arrangement, echoing guitar work, and deliberate pacing ensures that listeners will keep focused in to the rest of the album’s 7 tracks. The Few and the Many is a furious hard-rock track that leads off with solid guitar riff and a tortured, impassioned set of vocals that snake their way around the composition. The drumming is on-point and keep the energy of the track high, while Hobbsy crafts something that deserves to get play on hard rock radio.

Hobbsy Risen From The Dead CD

The Awakening pushes the vocal/drum dynamic to the highest plateau. The rough and tumble approach taken during this single is reminiscent of Strapping Young Lad, Slave on the Grind-era Skid Row and Pantera. The charisma that oozes forth on these vocals is a hallmark that weaves its way through the remainder of Risen From The Dead.

Your Silence is an epic track, linking together Altar Bridge and Rage Against The Machine into a six-minute narration replete with sizzling guitars, a power-ballad section, and a progressive metal ending that simply has to be heard to be believed.

Ascension of the Lesser Path is the final track on Risen From The Dead and showcases death/black metal vocals and an arrangement that blends Iron Maiden and Delvierance-era Corrosion of Conformity. Hobbsy does more with six full-length tracks than bands could hope to do with a full length album. Visit Hobbsy’s Bandcamp for samples of the cuts from Risen From The Dead; here’s to hoping they can continue to bring their own brand of fury to fans.

Top Tracks: Ascension of the Lesser Path, The Few and the Many

Rating: 8.6/10

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