weareTheBigBang Smoke EP

No opens up weareTheBigBang’s Smoke EP and showcases a unique style of music that ties together artists as diverse as No Doubt, Christina Aguilera and Paramore. The production of this initial track allows the drums, guitars, and Jolene’s inimitable vocals ample chances to shine. The harmonies that the band create during this introductory track firmly plant listeners on the edges of their seats for the entirety of Smoke.

weareTheBigBang Smoke EP review in NeuFuturFame is a more sultry, EDM-infused track that draws back the instrumentation slightly. By allowing Jolene the opportunity to set the overall sound of the track. The track builds off of the timeless singer-songwriter tradition and gives fans a nice snap with an electricity that is reminiscent of acts like Cash Cash and Chromeo. Smoke is another single-ready effort by weareTheBigBang, as the synth harmonies established here will worm their way deep into the psyche of anyone spinning the track. The added oomph given the effort by the vocals keeps the momentum high as fans move into the second half of the recording.

Last December is a late-album track that has the band take a bold new turn. The slower tempo and more deliberate instrumentation utilized here is a bold new step for the band, but the skill of weareTheBigBang is high enough to make it work in perfect lock-step with the rest of the fare on the Smoke EP. Running concludes Smoke, with a sound that would perfectly in the disco, Miami dance, and current mindsets; this timeless sound means that anyone listening in will find something in which they can sink their teeth. The Smoke EP is a perfect introduction to weareTheBigBang; here’s to hoping that they can succeed in the same fashion on a full-length album.

Top Tracks: No, Last December

Rating: 8.4/10

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