Soul Boys of the Western World (DVD)

A documentary about one-hit wonders (at least here in the U.S.) Spandau Ballet seems like an odd sell. But thanks to its loose feel and frank interviews, the movie somehow works. The London band led the New Romantic movement in the early ’80s alongside fellow eyeliner and blouse-clad bands like Duran Duran and OMD.

91vEpD+RouL._SL1500_ (1)Looking back on the old footage, the band was able to generate Beatles-like hysteria across the globe for a brief period, thanks to their 1983 earworm “True.” This doc covers the band’s break up in 1990 and ends with their reconciliation in 2009. Though no one was really clamoring for a documentary about Spandau Ballet, Soul Boys of the Western World is an impressive film nonetheless.


Soul Boys of the Western World/111 mins./IFC Films/2015

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