The End of the Tour (DVD)

Movies based on celebrities are often hit or miss and movies based on literary celebrities even more so, so it’s quite an impressive feat that actors Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg were able to turn in a beautifully engaging movie in The End of the Tour out of what was essentially a profile piece for Rolling Stone magazine.The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour is based on a road trip magazine writer/novelist David Lipsky (played by Eisenberg) took with Infinite Jest author David Foster Wallace (Segel) as he was doing a book tour. A majority of the movie deals with late night one-on-one conversations between the two talking about everything from Alanis Morsette to relationships and could have easily been a mind-numbingly boring affair, but thanks to smart writing and stellar performances from the two, the movie is the complete opposite.

The End of the Tour (DVD) /106 Min./Lionsgate/2015


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