Keez – Water Creatures

Laidback techno / electronic sound that builds off of a late nineties / early oughts style, Keez’s Water Creatures is an album that goes through a number of different twists and turns before ending. Wake Up Calm is a traditional reggae sound that will impress due to a taut instrumentation and a complete sound that allows the vocals, drums, guitar, and a ropy bass ample time to shine. Give N Take looks back to the eighties, having a Genesis groove refreshed with a chill drum n bass backing. a2003172885_10The strength of Water Creatures is the fact that no two songs sound exactly alike, meaning that listeners will continually be surprised (and impressed) by what issues forth.

Yesmaybe (Featuring Mosley Wotta) links together Bloodhound Gang, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte and 3OH!3 for a frenetic track that has Keez tattoos the beat deep into the minds of listeners.  Mr. Stallenbrown is a pop powerhouse, while the very organic sound of Off Grid showcases incredible depth that will require listeners to play the cut numerous times before hearing everything that Keez has inserted. Heresay is the rare example of a late-album track that holds its own with the first section of an album; a thumping beat and haunting set of synth make for an unlikely dance effort; here and gone before three minutes makes this track hit all the harder.

Back in the Light is the final effort on Water Creatures, utilizing a laid-back approach to gradually put the breaks on the album. The collaboration between instrumentation and vocals here makes for an effort that provides the perfect end for a fulfilling album.


Keez – Water Creatures CD / 2015 Self / 17 Tracks / / /

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