Mod Hippie – Tomorrow Then

Straddling a thin line between garage rock and space pop, LA-based Mod Hippie turn in a debut that’s as satisfying as it is odd.Mod Hippie

The band mixes a wide collection of influences from psychedelic odd balls like Syd Barrett, with Beach Boys harmonies and Sonic Youth angular guitars; all disparate ingredients that shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. The result is refreshingly unique, with the band sounding pretty different from song to song.  A track like “Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out)” sounds like it could have come off a Best of the ‘60s K-Tel collection, quickly segues into a much more modern, guitar-heavy track “The Easy Way Out.” The seemingly disjointed collection of songs makes for a strong first showing from Mod Hippie.

Mod Hippie – Tomorrow Then/10 tracks/Karma Frog/2015

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