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There is a belief held between the wife and I that for many of the day to day things that we do, the sort of chores that we have out in public do not require clothing that is the fancy and formal side. If we are going out to pick up a takeaway meal for example why not be comfortable? The sad fact is a great many of the sweatpants that one can buy begin to look ratty and otherwise unsuitable for a public experience after wearing them a few times.

Couple that with the fact that yoga pants and other bottoms with a decent look to them cost anywhere from $55 to $100 on the regular and one realizes that being comfortable and looking fashionable is a hard matter to balance. We were lucky enough to receive a pair of PajamaJeans for review and are pleased to report that they have the strength of both denim jeans and sweatpants without the negatives of other. The jeans have an overall look like a pair of your favorite denim without having the same scratchiness or tight fit that are typically present when one puts on a pair.PajamaJeans


The pants go on easily and they fit comfortably. The design is such that one looking at an individual wearing a pair would be hard pressed to definitively say that they were not a pair of typical jeans. The great thing about PajamaJeans is that there are a wide variety of cuts and colors that are available meaning that one can easily incorporate a few pairs into their normal wearing calendar. The company offers these jeans at a price (~$40) that is easily approachable ensuring that one will not need to break the bank to have this solid blend of comfort and aesthetics in their life. For more information about the whole range of sizes, cuts, and colors that are available to individuals make it a point to go to the PajamaJeans website. There will likely be some form of specials or other deals that are available if one kicks around the company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you have purchased a pair of PajamaJeans in the past let us know what you think about them.


Rating 8.0 / 10

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