MODOC – Automatic And Voluntary

MODOC – Automatic And Voluntary

Thanks to a little help from current go-to producer Brendan Benson, Nashville’s MODOC (by way of Indiana) have put together their best album yet. Following up last year’s live record and 2013’s decent self-titled debut, both hinted at greater things and the payoff is definitely all over “Automatic And Voluntary.” MODOC – Automatic And Voluntary

There is a solid catchy rock vibe to this latest that hints at 1970s acts like ELO and Supertramp, but with an updated sound (the falsetto vocals on the horns-heavy “No News is Good News” would make Jeff Lynne proud). Songs like the album opener, “Black Eyed Lover” and “Always the Same” have a quick easy appeal that grabs you on the first go-round, but some of the more challenging tracks, like the slow build “Make the World Wait” and “Kids on the Run” are just as impressive, they just take a few more listens.   A remarkable step forward for a band that’s just getting started.

MODOC – Automatic And Voluntary/10 tracks/ZMG/2016 / /


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