Bryan Deister “Spines of the Heart” CD Review

Bryan Deister "Spines of the Heart" CD Review

All That I Have is the opening effort from Bryan Deister’s Spines of the Heart, an intense track that is able to hurtle listeners to the end with a unique blend of electronic and more alternative vocal elements. Responding Well changes things up to have a more atmospheric and twinkling sound; the different tack taken here prepares listeners for In Her Eyes. In Her Eyes builds off of the trip-hop (Portishead, Massive Attack) framework. A shuffling beat is the perfect counterpoint for the haunting vocals. Smart usage of repetition make this into a cut that will stick around in listeners’ minds long after Deister closes up shop.

Silent Screams is a slinky and funky track that creates a (more) radio-friendly effort with a video game-inspired backing beat. The usage of guitars and the overall sixties stylization of the song is reminiscent of a James Bond soundtrack. Into the Sky starts off with a choral meets Beach Boys sound, shifting back and forth between that mode and a more driving, instrumental electronic-based approach. Nobody Angel further hammers home that listeners will have little indication where Deister will take them, while What You Want is a composition that kicks things into a higher gear. The passion brought by Deister’s vocals and a close and cozy instrumentation renders this effort into one of the many must-listens on Spines of the Heart.

Vacant Eyes and Apart of Me are a powerful one-two effort that are a microcosm of the twists and turns that Deister takes listeners over the course of the album. The windswept Vacant Eyes is the calm before the storm that is Apart of Me; bits of industrial, alternative, and hard rock all find their home on the album’s concluding song.

Top Tracks: Apart of Me, All That I Have

Rating: 8.0/10

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