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Harry's Game - Deborah Henriksson

Deborah Henriksson has just released a haunting and beautiful cover version of Clannad’s “Harry’s Game”. Henriksson’s ability is enough to unite the instrumental and vocal sides of the composition into a cohesive entity. The rich tapestry that is weaved through the track’s three minutes will stick with listeners long after the song has ceased to play.

The multimedia component of this single is completed by its video. The shots imbue each note with a gravitas and timelessness that can be appreciated by fans of all ages. Hints of world music, new age, and even choral genres can be identified in the composition.

The video does well to match the intricacies of Henriksson’s vocals. The subtle movements of the camera coupled with the offset composition of the shot (while Henriksson is in the front and center, there are moments where the videographer chooses to place Deborah on the center-left or center-right. Couple this with visual elements approximating old, grainy film and the video becomes more than another way to experience the video. Rather, for fans of Henriksson’s music, the video for Harry’s Game is a must-see. It provides additional context to what is already a deep and detailed composition.

The production by Mats Nyman is integral for establishing a unique sound to the composition. While each element has the opportunity to shine on its own, the cohesion of the finished work is considerable. This means that listeners can play the song a number of times and find something new and exciting to sink their teeth into. Henriksson’s latest single is part of “The Hearts Cry“, which is available from iTunes and Spotify. For the latest in information about Henriksson, her music, and other information about the performer, visit her social media profiles and main domain, a repository for all things Deborah.


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