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Throughout our time at NeuFutur, we have received a number of fashion accessories to evaluate. Some of these are on the far side of goofiness but we received a monthly subscription box in the Tie Fix Box is priced at an approachable level but is jam-packed with high quality dress options. This box costs $14.99 a month and provides one with two different ties along with two other fashion accessories.

The ties seem to be a fairly high quality and would match themselves well with a fair portion of one’s wardrobe. The overall MSRP of each tie is equivalent to the cost of the box so when one considers the overall value that they receive they are in excess of what they have paid with only half of the offerings here.

There are two non-tie accessories that are presented in The Tie Fix Box as well. One of these was a leather bracelet that has the potential to be used as a choker or as a bracelet. The Tie Fix Box concludes with a set of dress socks with a bold coloration (yellow/brown) and print (mustaches) present. The Box is a way that one could easily retire some of the older elements of their closet on a regular basis. While we are only provided with one month of the box, we are confident that the variety that individuals are likely to receive will be different each time they receive a shipment. Our only recommendation would be to possibly raise the cost of the box and add a button-up shirt into the mix. With higher-end shirts requiring fitting we wouldn’t be expecting the world but for just those sort of button-ups that would do well in a casual dining environment. Adding that to subsequent iterations of the Tie Box might be a fruitful avenue.

Tie Fix Box / http://thetiefix.com/

Rating: 8/10

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