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Basic Outfitters

A few months back, we received a package of Basic/Outfitters’ 4-pack of socks. This 4-pack retails at $20 and comes with some pretty eye-catching designs. While the socks’ cuffs did well to not pinch a hirsute man’s legs, the overall thinness of the socks meant that one will likely need to purchase a new pack every month. I do small amounts of teaching (2-4 hours a day) and had two pairs sporting holes within a month when they were put into normal rotations alongside my other dress socks. The novelty aspect of the Basic/Outfitters socks is fantastic, but a number of sock companies are crafting superior (either lower price or higher quality) efforts that should be purchased.

For those professionals that spend most of the day on their feet, we’d have to recommend a hard pass on the Basic/Outfitters socks. If you are a home-office, overly sedentary worker, these socks may be able to last through a season.

While we were only fortunate enough to receive the 4-pack of socks from Basic/Outfitter, we’d recommend talking directly with someone that has purchased from the company previously to gauge the quality of their other products that Basic/Outfitter offers. There are a number of subscription services that are focusing on men’s fashion; for a great selection at a low price, we’d whole-heartedly recommend The Tie Fix .

Rating: 5.0/10

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