Bjorn Ingar Pedersen – Freedom

Bjorn Ingar Pedersen - Freedom

Bjorn Ingar Pedersen instrumental electronic music that builds upon the electronic music of the early 1990s. Hints of drum n bass, Kraftwerk-like synths, and a bit of wobble on Trance Experience, the disc’s first effort, keep individuals interested and focused in on the next track, Lightning Strike. The synths that begin Lightning Strike are quickly spun out into a wide variety of styles. The starry, sleek sound that Pedersen creates during this track ensure that fans listening to this mid-tempo track will get on the dance floor. The constantly shifting sound of this track showcases a wunderlust on Pedersen’s part. His ability as a musician ensures that this disparate set of influences works together to create something considerably more comprehensive than one would expect.

Lost in the Woods ends before the two-minute mark, but Pedersen is able to weave a dense and detailed narrative over this short duration. The “Techno Version” of Hey You works off of the anthemic Hot Butter sound before moving into something that is a bit more varied. The meshing together of early 1990s style with a Walter Carlos influence is delightful, while hints of a late-1990s sound can be discerned at points before Pedersen concludes this effort.

The Truth is Out There ties together electric horns and the Miami-sound of the late eighties. The track stands in stark comparison to Freedom’s penultimate track Relaxing in the Sun. Relaxing in the Sun has a darker, more industrial / darkwave sound that is punctuated through percussion to keep listeners guessing. Pederson’s Freedom concludes with a techno-themed cover of Beethoven’s Symphony #5, giving fans a sense of what inspires the performer along with some idea of where Bjorn will go in the future.

Top Tracks: Lost in the Woods, The Truth is Out There

Bjorn Ingar Pedersen – Freedom / 2016 Celsius Recordings / 7 Tracks / / /

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