Vladimir Vojnović – Micro Universe

Vladimir Vojnović - Micro Universe

Only is the first track off of Vladimir Vojnović’s Micro Universe, providing individuals with a solid piece of alternative rock. The raw passion and charisma of Vladimir’s voice is a thread that will continue through the entirety of the album; My Kind of Winter will have listeners engrossed in Vlad’s vocals, the light trapping of electronic sounds, and a strong beat that punctuates the track at all of the right points. Gotta Go succeeds because of the dynamic created between the vocals and a complex piano arrangements. The sheer depth of this track is surprising because Vojnović’s work here starts and ends with these two elements.

Heaven’s Gate is an effort that benefits from a slower tempo. Taking this tack, Vladimir is able to provide ample highlighting to each note. Moving into a slinkier, more sedate sound for the second half of the single, Vladimir ensures that listeners keep interested until the final efforts on Micro Universe.

I Hate Living in the City builds off of a blues approach as Vojnović links together Phil Collins, R.E.M., and Kenny Wayne Shepherd into an impressive melange of past and present. You’ll Never Have It All is unparalleled in terms of the instrumental output; a ropy, taut bass line interacts with keys before ceding ground to the harmonies of Vojnović’s voice and a crunchier, more grunge-infused guitar line. Dreamcatcher is the concluding statement on this album, shifting to an atmospheric / ambient sound that is pensive, winding the album down as one begins to contemplate what they’ve experienced. The sheer amount of twists and turns that Vladimir presents to fans on Micro Universe provide a heck of an introduction to this performer.

Top Tracks: My Kind of Winter, I Hate Living in the City

Vladimir Vojnović – Micro Universe / 2016 Self / 9 Tracks / http://www.vladimir-vojnovic.net/ / https://www.facebook.com/wladmusic/

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