Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad CD Review

Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad CD Review

“Clap Like Ozzy” is an absolutely furious opening tot he latest album from Suicidal Tendencies. The intense guitars, breakneck drums, and crystal-clear vocals will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats. “The New Degeneration” is a churning, brutal track that calls back to the band’s mid-1980s output. The guitar work cuts through the track while the drums keep listeners on their toes. A chugging, straight-forward section brings the cut back to a proper fury. Hints of Motorhead can be heard here; “Living For Life” represents a sea change from the fare beginning World Gone Mad. The more theatrical soundscape that is created here is akin to mid-1990s Corrosion of Conformity and Monster Magnet.
“Get Your Fight On!” is our favorite track on World Gone Mad. The story that is told here is matched perfectly to emotionally brooding and heavy drums and guitars. The bit of vocal harmonies that are present here represent a nice change from the norm, giving fans the boost that they need as they move into “World Gone Mad”. “World Gone Mad” is a groovy track that calls back to the funk-cum-metal mashup that was the hallmark of early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthrax.  “Happy Never After” is a solid mid-disc track, marrying together metal with 1990s rock (e.g. Ozzy’s No More Tears). Still Dying To Live is the final track on World Gone Mad, establishing a slower tempo that does well in concluding the album. The instrumentation during this ultimate effort deserves greater consideration; there are fertile guitar/vocal and guitar/drum dynamics that hide something much more complex than the track would initially indicate. World Gone Mad is a great album, cutting out some new areas for Suicidal Tendencies to explore in later years.

Top Tracks: Clap Like Ozzy, Get Your Fight On!

Rating: 8.7/10

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