5 super gambling success stories

The reason betting is so special is that anyone can be victorious. A person in the UK can walk through a fabulous brick and mortar casino or just sit by the computer to play slots UK online. This way, one can be moved into a planet where people with a good tactical plan are more likely to succeed than those who dwell on luck and hope.

Incredible stories about gambling success

  1. Ashley Revell became a household name when he used all his savings on one game spin of the roulette wheel.

He sold virtually all his properties and goods, receiving over 95,000 pounds in total, then he later decided to visit a casino that day to bet all just on red. To everyone’s surprise, the ball stopped on the number 7 red, he was handsomely rewarded for being brave with 192,000 pounds and a wonderful experience that would remain with him for the rest of his life.


    1. Chris Kirkland was released by his football club. His father’s belief, faith, and trust in his son’s talent never changed and decided to place a 100-pound bet on his child winning England call-up to the national team before he will clock 30. 12 years later the bet came through, Chris Kirkland made his England debut in 2006. Both of his parents were happy, but they also had another reason to celebrate as well – his dad received over 10,000 pounds from the bet he made. His son’s dream became a reality and he made money by just having faith in him.
        1. Peter Edwards must have noticed something special about his grandson because he believed he will grow up to be a football star. He made a bet of 50 pounds that his son will one day play for wales national team. His grandson played against Belgium in a world cup qualifier, meaning he made 125,000 pounds in the process.


        1. In 1992 Archie Karas visited a casino with just 40 pounds with him.

That will all change within a short period of time, his worth grew to 30 million pounds over 3 years. To everyone’s astonishment, every game he gambled on, he won. It was truly amazing. Till date, he has been the only one in history to have the furthest ever hot streak in the history of betting or gambling.

        1. In 1963, Connery walked up to the roulette wheel in a casino in Italy and placed his money on 17. It missed 2 times in a row and finally on the 3rd time, it landed on 17. He did it again 3 times in a row and won over 10,000 pounds.


Some people in the UK see gambling as something evil and addictive while others see it as a form of sport or entertainment. However, nothing still stops people from visiting 777extraslot.com to get more familiar with gambling. Whichever way you view it, it is a matter of choice and opinion.






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