How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor for Your House?

It is pretty challenging to identify the right painting contractor for beautifying your home, especially, if you have never actually, hired a professional before for a home refurbishment project. You have to make the right choice so that you do not end up paying through your nose for some substandard painting job. So, how do you go about choosing the right painting contractor for giving your house a brand new look without really ripping you off? You need to choose a well-known and reliable painting contractor whom you could rely on completely to deliver top quality services and provide the highest value for money. Here are a few guidelines that would help you make the right choice.

Examine Your Options

There is no dearth of resources for professional painting contractors. But it is a good idea not to choose any random person while browsing the Internet or going through the phone book. You need to choose a reliable painting contractor after a proper research and background check. You must consider the best places for starting your search for a competent painting contractor for the beautification and protection of your house. The best places would be:

  • Referrals from a close friend or anyone in the family.
  • Renowned online review sites such as Angie’s List.
  • Local BBB or the Better Business Bureau website.

Consider Multiple Bids

Once you have done ample research and shortlisted a few painting contractors, you must get their bids. It is best to consider multiple bids so that you could effectively compare and contrast and choose the best painting contractor that offers the best deal. However, do not get swayed by lowest bids. It is a good idea to opt for someone who seems to justify all your specific requirements and whose pricing seems pretty competitive.

Interview the Shortlisted Candidates

You must ask the right questions and grill the candidates well. Do not be afraid to ask straightforward and tough questions as you need to get the right information before making the final choice. You are handling some of the top painting guys whom you have shortlisted after a thorough research. So, treat them with respect but ask whatever you need to know. However, if they have no time to respond to your queries, you better choose someone else who seems more dedicated to his profession such as the painters in Greeley CO. If a guy does not bother to reply to your queries, he would not bother to address your painting issues later. Opt for someone who seems trustworthy and promises to offer your top quality job and great value for every dollar spent.

Check Out the References

The best way of choosing the painting contractor is to ask for references. Any reputable contractor would flaunt a whole list of references so that you could examine their quality of work and check out their reliability on your own. In this context, you may browse the Internet for customer reviews as well.


Once your paint job has been done well and your freshly painted house is standing out from the rest and has become the neighbors’ envy, you must post a review online to help your neighbors choose the best painting contractor for the upcoming home improvement project.

Author Bio: Ryan Gomes is a blogger and a retired painter. He runs his own blog and offers free professional advice to his readers. Besides tips and tricks, he offers important resources such as painters in Greeley CO.

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