Brendan McMahon – “Universalist” EP Review

Marker 7-58 opens up Brendan McMahon’s EP, Universalist. The touching and careful arrangements during this first track will stoke listeners’ attention. The gradual coming in of an engrossing instrumentation keeps things interesting as McMahon moves through the track. Atmospheric guitars, emotive vocals, and a twinkling instrumentation make for an introductory effort that is nothing less than fantastic.

Hotel Hemingway has a bouncier and more hopeful sound; during this song, McMahon is able to build off of the Britpop of the mid to late nineties with a refreshing amount of piano work. The two poles explored during the first minutes of Universalist ensures that listeners will be unsure of where Brendan goes. No worries – fans will know that tracks like Fridays In December will be top notch. Fridays In December changes things up again, with Brendan’s vocals adopting hints of Warren Zevon and Adam Duritz. The rising action employed during this hump track is magnificent; the different twists and turns keeps the EP as fresh as it was when the first notes of Marker 7-58.

Mother is a sedate and contemplative track that is little more than Brendan and his piano. There is so much gravitas to this effort; fans will be able to draw on their own memories of loved ones and identify quite closely what what Brendan sings about. Beat is a great track; the sizzling guitar work, the hooky chorus, and unified sound make for a track that could easily be heard n a variety of pop, rock, and funk radio stations. We hope to hear more from Brendan McMahon in the future ,but Universalist is one of the strongest EPs that we have heard in a long time. Check out the Soundcloud link below for additional information and music from this performer.

Top Tracks: Hotel Hemingway, Fridays In December

Brendan McMahon – “Universalist” EP Review / 2017 Self Released / 5 Tracks /

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