4 Tips for Home Buyers to Land on the Best Possible Real Estate Deals

With a high demand and comparatively lower interest rates, housing sales are again slowly picking up lately now. We may also see the trend as the pricing of the basic to mid-range homes are hiking back towards the pre-recession peak in the secondary markets, and get stabilized and the higher pricing areas. Here, we will discuss the latest expert tips if you are planning to try your luck in real estate as a buyer or seller now.


  1. First-time buyers’ best


It is estimated that more than 50% of the entire home sales in 2017 are by first-time buyers. Mostly, millennial of age between 19 to 34 come under this category. This point towards the possibility of more fierce competition and bidding in the coming year too. However, there may be less inventory during winter, so there also may be less competition if you choose the season by checking the best available mortgage options.


  1. Sellers to hire the right real estate agent


The best first investment you need to be careful about while thinking of selling your real estate properly to is to research on the agents. A poor choice may ultimately cost your thousands of dollars in vein supplemented with a lot of worries and confusions overtime. Some key tips are.


  • Look for the online website and listings of the agent to see if they have a professional approach.
  • Look at the service provider profile on social media platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Read reviews and feedback of other customers.
  • Do an intensive research of the Top Real Estate Agents in Anthem AZ to narrow down your search to the best two or three and then contact them individually to identify whom to choose.
  • Look for their sales report, listings, average experience, as well as the local comps.


  1. There is more loan amount out there for buyers


Those who are not able to get general mortgages during the downturn as they are not able to have 20% to put down may find more affordable financing options again. Debtors with FICO score lower than 690 are getting more loans for mortgages. A reassuring fact is that more than two-thirds of the refinancers got approved in the last quarter of 2016 when compared to only half of below back in 2014.


The borrowers without having 20-percent payment it to put down right away may still pay PMI (private mortgage insurance) until they reach to the 20 to 25 percent mark. However, the best rates may apply to those with an 800+ FICO, even though the 750+ borrowers get almost the same terms.


  1. It is, of course, sellers’ market, but things are not that smooth


Home sellers always need to do several add-on things to enhance the value and boost the property profile. Some tips are.


  • Be selective – instead of doing the wholesale selling renovations, if time allows, it is better to do the makeovers individually case to case, with a special eye on kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Clean to the best – Buyers never visualize themselves living in dirty houses. Scrub and clean the floors, bath, kitchen, windows, doors, walls to the maximum and also do proper deodorizing and vacuuming of every corner.


Above mentioned are a few basic tips buyers and sellers may follow to ensure the best deals in terms of real estate transactions. Take your time and do intensive research to execute it to your best interest.

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