Top 3 Recreational Vehicles to Rent Out for Your Budget Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventure magically lifts us from all that is mundane. Traveling through long trailing roads for hours and living on streets while on an adventure tour can erase all boredom and soul fatigue, and it can rejuvenate us back to life! All you need is an excellent recreational vehicle (RV) for your outdoor adventures. However, buying it would mean shelling out a massive chunk of money. Instead, try to rent one that is cost-effective. Here are three popular RVs for outdoor adventures. 


  1. The teardrop trailers and rooftop tent set-ups


This RV is especially suited if you are planning a road trip with your family or friends. If you have been planning to go off for a weekend and take camping to a new level, you would love to choose this vehicle. It comes with a low-slung body with excellent suspension, and it is perfect for driving on rough roads and lanes. Depending on the model you select, the trailer’s rear opens to offer you with either a freezer, cooler, stove and the like.


The exterior and interior of the car are equipped with enhanced LED lighting, which comes attached to a battery onboard. The approximate amount you have to pay for a trailer is $113 per night. There is also a provision for renting rooftop tents. It is set up on request by having access to the vehicle using a small ladder. The vehicle has a foam mattress. When you close the tent, the entire bedding arrangement stays inside. Usually, there is a separate charge for tents, but it is affordable. So if you want to opt for a budget road trip, this is an excellent choice.


  1. Van rental vehicles


If you want something sturdy, robust camper vans will be ideal for traveling across the trails, and backcountry roads are the best choice. The Toyota 4Runners and the likes of it are good examples.  These vans come with a refrigerator, sink and ample space for four people who can stay and sleep inside the trailer. If you can up your budget to approximately $250 per night for your outdoor adventures, say yes to this rugged beast that offers you excellent security and comfort too.


  1. The 4×4 Off Road Rental and Rooftop Tent


This rental RV was introduced back in 2016 along with rooftop tents. Every vehicle is equipped with a camp table, a big cooler, camp chairs, cooking devices and a stove. So if you have a campsite in mind, book this vehicle at $150 per day and set out for your outdoor fun. Usually, this vehicle comes with a rental booking of minimum three days. It is apt when you are planning unique tour ideas with exotic locations like Joshua Tree, Big Sur, Death Valley and Zion in mind. If you are lucky, you can get the rental at $100 per day as well.


Road tours and camping invoke our inner adventurer! From the rough roads to massive rocks and shimmering mountain springs, we want to experience it all. However, having the right RV is like banking on a reliable navigator. Since most travelers want a pocket-friendly traveling choice, renting any one of these 3 RVs is a safe bet.

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