How To Give Your House A Re-Vamp In Time For Summer

The run-up to summer is an exciting time, and it’s the perfect time to decide to add some fun and personality to your home. Welcoming in the summer can make you feel jovial and ready to see in the warmer months in style. The warmer months bring with them the heat of the summer sun, so bear in mind that you might want to get hold of some fans and replace your curtains with blinds. It’s important to embrace the new and the trendy so as that you feel stylish and your home looks inviting both to yourself and others that you’ll want to spend the summer with. If you’re thinking about entertaining in your home and the yard, then you must pay some attention to how your property looks all the while adding a new fresh twist in time for summer.

Add Splashes Of Color

Add some splashes of color to your home, and you’ll keep the vibrant feeling of summer alive throughout your space. Spirits are high when the sun is shining, so adopt some of this frivolous fun to the interior of your home. You don’t have to paint feature walls in garish colors, instead, you can add some hanging pictures or consider painting furniture in fresh white. If you love art and wish to showcase some of your favorite designs, then this company can help you bring your vision of adding a new twist to your home to life. If any pieces of furniture inside your home have started to show signs of wear and tear over the winter, then take them aside and revamp them.


Don’t underestimate the power mirrors hold. The power to transform the feeling of a room that is. Mirrors can make a room feel larger in parameter and add lighter. Mirrors reflect the light in the room, so adding them is a great choice for summer. Make your home feel lighter and airier by adding an extra mirror in the rooms in which you spend the most time and be sure to keep a window open whilst you’re home as long as it’s safe to do so. Mirrors add a deeper dimension to the room they’re in and will help to add a fresh twist to your interior design. If you take only one thing away from reading this, then remember to add a mirror or two to your home this summer.

Your Bedroom

Express who you are through how you decorate your bedroom. Summer brings with it a set of temperature challenges, and getting a good night’s sleep can be hampered by the heat and the warm, stagnant air pooling in your bedroom at night. So, make sure you’re doing your best to avoid the sweltering heat by getting a fan in your bedroom, and think about getting one in a vibrant color instead of white. Your bedroom is a space for calm and serenity, but not boredom. With this said, add a splash of color here and there. Add a new twist to your boudoir by replacing bedspreads with new ones in attractive patterns and light colors. Keep the room feeling cool and change the duvet with a lighter one so as not to overheat during the summer night.

Revamp Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a house, so don’t forget to add a new twist to your dining space in time for summer. If you have a kitchen diner, then you can redecorate both and enjoy a fresh twist on how it looked before. A kitchen diner allows you to have a larger and more open area than having just a kitchen and a dining room alone. For ideas on how to inject a fresh feel to your kitchen-diner, then look no further than here to brush up on some useful tips and tricks. You prepare and cook your meals for yourself and your family in the kitchen, so make sure you don’t abandon its design. You can spend many hours of your day in the kitchen using implements from ThermoPro and other companies, so it’s important to make it look inviting as much as it is to keep it clean and sanitized.


A fresh lick of paint can work wonders to transform the freshness of a room. A new coat of paint may be all you need to fall back in love with some pieces of furniture. When paint begins to age, it loses its vibrancy and begins to crack and chap. Having said this, the shabby chic look is on trend and regarded as stylish and sophisticated. If you’re unhappy with the look of your home and believe it to require a touch up here and there, then waste no time in getting out your brushes and getting to work. You can add a fresh new twist to your kitchen furniture over the course of an afternoon; it’s as quick and easy as that. Don’t forget to reupholster chairs and couches too, as revamping them can give them a new lease of life that might surprise you.

The Yard

It’s great to spend time in the yard over summer, especially to enjoy the company of friends whilst tucking into a BBQ in the last rays of the warm day. Don’t forget to add a new twist to your outside area and think about adding new turf if it’s looking tired and brown. If the grass is beyond the help of a good water and grass seed, then think about getting some help to re-landscape. Add a fresh twist by planting new plants and flowers. It’s a good idea to get to grips with the kind of soil you’re working with, that is, whether it’s acidic or alkaline. Once you know what can and can’t grow in the soil you have, then you begin designing your flowers borders and potted plant area. Plants are phenomenally good at brightening up space, so think about adding many more to your yard in time for summer.


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