Health Benefits of Using an Eco-Friendly Paint

The chemical components in traditional paints always contribute to their low score compared to the eco-friendly paints. According to Chemical Engineering, many coating formulations and paint used traditionally posed significant human health and environmental risks. But due to the demand of sustainable and healthy paints, the paints industry has bowed down to the plea and have amazingly developed the eco-friendly paint. An example of a brand which is selling eco-friendly paints is The Organic & Natural Paint.

Unlike the traditional paint that could cause burning eyes, minor skin burns, dizziness, irritation, and headaches, the eco-friendly paint is a safer alternative. Here are the health benefits derived from using an eco-friendly paint:

1.    Less Environmental Impact

Many eco-friendly paints are harmless since they are water-based. The surprising fact is that the components used in making the paint are all natural and biodegradable. Over the years, eco-paint manufacturers have done a recommendable job in improving the ingredients which have led to the production of different shades of the paint.

2.    Non or Less VOCs

It is true; every chemical paint contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). When making these paints in the factories, the VOCs get emitted, even while painting the walls. The chemical waste left behind by the emitted VOCs is non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. But thanks to the eco-friendly paints which contains either a small portion of the VOCs or none at all. The damage is minimal or none.

3.    Health Benefits

After application, the VOCs remain active for the next five years, even after the paint completely dries up. Studies indicate that VOCs causes irritation and smell nuisances. Also, 40% of the people constantly exposed to VOC found in paints are likely to suffer from lung cancer. But with the eco-friendly paint, you are free from such infections.

4.    Naturally Made

All components used in making the eco-friendly paint are natural. Such significant ingredients include bee wax, seed oil, and extracts from the lemon peels. While manufacturing or applying to the walls, no unsafe compounds or chemicals get emitted. A brand which is selling eco-friendly paints is The Organic & Natural Paint.

5.    Dilute Odour

While the chemical paints may suffocate you with their unpleasant smell, the eco-friendly paints do not contain any scent due to the natural components used in their manufacturing. The chemical paints’ odour may choke you due to formaldehyde and ammonia used in their making.

6.    Non Toxic

Eco-friendly paints do not release toxins into the environment that may be risky to our health. Unlike the chemical paints that contain harmful chemicals such as naphthalene, benzene, methyl chloroform, and toluene, the eco-friendly paints are safe; thanks to their environmental safety properties.

7.    Safe with Everybody

It does not matter whether you are a kid, a patient with asthma, pregnant, or an old person; with eco-friendly paints, everyone is safe.

8.    Reduced Waste

In waste reduction, you cannot compare the chemical paints with the eco-friendly paints. Stunningly, environment-friendly paints over scores against the other paints. With chemical paints, starting from when they get manufactured to years later after their application, they emit toxic compounds. But natural paints are free from such harmful chemical compounds even at their initial stages of production.

It is a no secret; eco-friendly paints made with all natural ingredients cause minimal or non-harmful effects to our environment. It’s true the prices might be slightly higher than the chemical paints, but it’s worth your money. You wouldn’t want to save a few dollars by purchasing a chemical paint only to end up spending thousands of dollars treating yourself from health conditions gotten from the toxins emitted by the paint. It is a no-brainer; the fact that they are water based and biodegradable makes them a smarter choice.

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