J Roy Champion – Rome in a Day

6 Ways is the first track on J Roy Champion’s new EP, Rome in a Day. The track is able to build upon the framework of Kendrick Lamar and Three Six Mafia. The screwed and chopped vocals on the track provide the perfect counterpoint to the sharper backing beat. Together, the two elements combine to make for something that will get heads bopping even as a dirty, sick groove is laced through the track.

Sip Ya Cup features the flow of T Brookz; the rapid-fire flow that sits on top of a synth and booming bass line makes this into one of our early favorites on Rome in a Day. The track is able to work well as a hard-hitting rap effort and a single that’s ready for the dance floor. A bit of R&B influence on the chorus is enough to keep the momentum high until the effort’s concluding moments.  Medicine has a pair of features – T Brookz and Grymz – that keeps listeners continually on the edges of their seats. Spinning things a variety of ways over the course of the extended play, J Roy Champion ends things conclusively with Already. Already, shining through the inclusion of T Brookz, is a track that pulls double duty. The track is able to continue some of the sounds and trends of the previous songs on Rome in a Day, but it also showcases where J Roy Champion may ultimately go in any follow-ups that will come down the pipeline.

Top Tracks: Medicine, Sip Ya Cup

Rating: 8.5/10

We covered Rome in a Day’s first single,  Birthday , back in January. Visit J Roy Champion’s domain or Facebook profiles for additional information about the performer, samples of his discography, or to hit up for new opportunities.

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