Steps to Take After a Collision

After a collision, there are often disputes between drivers as to who was at fault. Sometimes it is obvious, but as most drivers know, insurance companies advise that you never admit liability for an accident. There are some steps you can take to protect yourself in the event of being involved in a road traffic accident, as there will be more that needs to be done than finding a good repair shop.

People First

The very first thing is to check to see if anyone is injured. If they are, appropriate help should be called immediately. Not all injuries are apparent and if someone is suffering from internal bleeding, for instance, they will need emergency care very quickly.

It could be that you are injured yourself and not able to get out of the vehicle, but if you can, you can take some statements that will bring out the truth of who was at fault.


Most people have mobile phones with cameras. Use this and take as many photos as you can. Get the position of the vehicles, any skid marks, and the weather conditions, as these can contribute to a collision.


If there were any witnesses to the collision, ask if they are prepared to give a statement if needed. Take their names and addresses for the police or insurance company to contact if they need to.

Find a Good Collision Repair Shop

If your vehicle is not been written off in the accident, you will need to find a good auto body shop to ensure that it is repaired to the highest standard. Being in an accident is stressful enough without then having hassle getting your vehicle repaired.

A reputable auto body repair shop will only use qualified and experienced fitters. They only use quality materials and will guarantee the work they do for the length of time the vehicle belongs to you. They are able to do this because of the technology they use in matching the bodywork colors, their paint bays being the most modern, and the quality control that checks the job at every stage of the work.

No company is going to offer a guarantee such as this unless they know their work is the best around and that it will be good enough to not have many comebacks. That would not only cost them quite dearly, it would also damage their reputation.

It can be an added advantage if they will deal with the insurance company directly, as then you will be able to just pick your car up when it is finished and leave all the paperwork and payments to be dealt with by them.

Take Care on the Roads

Of course, the best thing is to always take care when you are out on the roads, but no matter how good you are at driving a collision is not always avoidable. If it happens to you, take as many steps as you can so that you do not get the blame if it was not your fault.

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