MkX is keeping it real with us in his new song “right place, at the right time”

With an opening stanza that starts off with the lines “Undercover operations takes / A lotta discipline and patient waitin’ / Gotta secretly manipulate / To speed fate up,” MkX is getting real with us in his new song “right place, at the right time” and causing a stir among critics and fans for the third time in 2019. MkX is no loose cannon in “right place, at the right time;” he’s a measured musical mastermind, carefully dispensing his artful poeticisms amid the gravity-altering grooves of a synthesizer and its shadow bassline. If you weren’t already sold on this cat’s work, it’s a safe assumption to make that once you let this song’s cinematic hooks shred through your speakers, you’ll be more likely to change your opinion than not.


One thing that you won’t find in “right place, at the right time” is fluff – there’s absolutely none to behold in the three minutes of playing time that the track lasts, which isn’t something that I’ve been able to say about most of the indie singles I’ve been listening to this September. The big names in the underground haven’t been doing much to keep hardcore pop fans pleased lately, but thanks to the diligent work of sleeper success stories like MkX, the season hasn’t been a total loss for the diehards among us. He’s making it abundantly clear to anyone listening that he has no interest in watering-down his work with a lot of needless excess; he’s gotten this far without it, and there’s really no use in incorporating it now.

Even without the muscular equalization on his vocal, MkX has an amazing presence in this track that makes me excited to see his live act at some point in the near future. If his stylish attack translated well into the stage environment, there would be no way for his contemporaries, good and bad, to slow down the momentum that his recording career has right now. He’s doing all the right things in the booth, making all the right moves and gaining ground on some of the mainstream’s most lauded players, and when you factor in an energy that he could potentially take on tour with him, it’s difficult to imagine his reputation growing anything but stronger as 2019 turns into 2020.

If you like pop music with an R&B rhythm, this righteous new release from MkX can’t be missed this month. “right place, at the right time” doesn’t change the world as we know it, nor does it try to modify a proven formula perfected by MkX in his last few singles; in essence, this track solidifies what most of us already knew about the artist who brought it to life, and further warrants our attention as he looks at upcoming projects. The sky is the limit for this guy at the moment, and for all of the hype that has been surrounding his work recently, he’s been handling the whole process with ease. He’s on his way to the top, and the release of this song basically confirms as much.

Kim Muncie

We last checked out MkX in 2018, with our pieces about Ghost and One Sided Love.

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