How gaming soundtracks have changed over the years

In the past, there wasn’t any real game music. It consisted of bleeps and simple sounds that didn’t add anything exceptional to the game, but it was, sort of, a big part of the game. Even if you didn’t pay attention to the music, you would end up knowing the sounds. It’s a fascinating thing considering that almost no one paid attention to the music! There’s also an interesting phenomenon with music in games that even game programmers in the past knew, so they conducted a study. They provided gamers with a game without music and they would monitor their heart rate. Even when some big battle was coming up, people weren’t very moved. However, once the programmers handed them the same game but with the addition of music, things changed. For example, as a battle was approaching, the music was getting louder and more aggressive which, in turn, caused the people playing the game to panic and hastily expect what comes next. Continue reading “How gaming soundtracks have changed over the years”

Whipping your CV into shape

I have been a stay at home mother and when I reentered the job market, I was not up to speed on how to effectively apply. In today’s world, it is important to present yourself efficiently and memorably; especially when applying for a new career. Many people rely on basic resumes thinking that displaying the information is enough, but sometimes it’s not. Continue reading “Whipping your CV into shape”

Family health while travel

Travel is a great activity and it is even more fun when done with family. Every individual must have a family vacation at least once in a year. This can be a leisure trip or an adventurous one as well. It depends on the members of the family to take their pick. However it does not matter if you choose any of the options. All these can be done at one destination itself. This destination is none other than Thailand. It is a world renowned tourist beach destination and millions of people travel to Thailand every year. Continue reading “Family health while travel”

Oneohtrix Point Never Release “I Bite Through It” Single

Oneohtrix Point Never is musician, composer and producer Daniel Lopatin. Active under the moniker since 2007, the new album Garden of Delete is due November 13th, 2015 on Warp Records. Continue reading “Oneohtrix Point Never Release “I Bite Through It” Single”

We Came As Strangers to release 3rd album ‘Eyedom’ 8/31

Oft full of the traditional sensibilities of pop, ‘Eyedom’ sees this supergroup noticeably delve into deeper territory with plentiful layering, perturbing basslines, and hauntingly sparse arrangements. Continue reading “We Came As Strangers to release 3rd album ‘Eyedom’ 8/31”

Sarah Pierce Set to Release Barbed Wire 8/25

Texas-based singer/songwriter Sarah Pierce announces an August 25 release date for her new CD, Barbed Wire, on the Little Bear Records imprint. Produced by Merel Bregante, Barbed Wire was musically influenced by her family’s heritage in the cattle business. The album was recorded at The Cribworks Digital Audio in Liberty Hill, Texas, about 30 miles north of Austin. Sarah plans to perform a number of CD release shows in support of the new album, including one set for October 18 at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas. Continue reading “Sarah Pierce Set to Release Barbed Wire 8/25”

Ben Folds Releases “Phone in a Pool” from So There

Ben Folds has released another fantastic song from his new album, So There, due out September 11 (New West). The song, “Phone in the Pool,” premiered earlier in the week via the Wall Street Journal and is yet another stunning song from this beautifully nuanced chamber pop record recorded and arranged in collaboration with the critically acclaimed NYC-based sextet yMusic. Continue reading “Ben Folds Releases “Phone in a Pool” from So There”

Kristene DiMarco Releases Mighty 7/31

Kristene DiMarco is set to release her new worship album, Mighty, on July 31. Recorded live earlier this year in Redding, CA, Mighty is DiMarco’s first album release with Jesus Culture Music’s partnership with Capitol Christian Music Group. Continue reading “Kristene DiMarco Releases Mighty 7/31”