PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day

PWR BTTM has done it again with their latest single “Big Beautiful Day”. The Punk duo has brought classic 80’s pop-punk sounding melodies and deep bass riffs together to make a fresh yet familiar sound. The vocals are hard hitting and memorable, they are blended well with the music making a seamless connection. Continue reading “PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day”

A Little Bit More – Silhouettes

A Little Bit More begins their Silhouettes album with Get Up Crowd, a radio-ready country track that skillfully blend together Braid Paisley, The Outlaws, and Hank Williams Jr. The bold instrumentation, sizzling guitar work, and dusty vocals make for a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after Silhouettes has ceased to play. If Only For A Moment allows Jill’s vocals to shine brightly as a slower, more contemplative instrumentation provides highlights. The piano and drums unite to make for something familiar; Jill emotes in a fashion that listeners can identify with. Are They Really Listening To My Songs is another hit by A Little Bit More. I like the fact that this song hits on all of the things that makes a country song successful – a bit of soulful crooning at points, emotive guitars, and splashy drums – while having some seriously heady and introspective content present. Continue reading “A Little Bit More – Silhouettes”

Black Bolts – Antique Rhythms EP Review

Black Bolts’ Antique Rhythms latest release, the Call it a Day EP, begins with Call it a Day. This rock track is an interesting one is that Black Bolts immediately come forth and showcase a wide variety of influences in the first few minutes of the release. This means that there are hints of 1960s pop, the gritty sound of the 1970s movement in Detroit, and a bit of the funk and blues. The production of this track (and the entirety of this EP) is such that each element is able to shine alone and as a greater part. Continue reading “Black Bolts – Antique Rhythms EP Review”

Louden Swain – No Time Like the Present (CD)

Yes, as a rule actors and musicians should stay in their own lanes. But like every rule there are exceptions and Rob Benedict, singer/guitarist for the LA-based indie rock band Louden Swain may just be one of those exceptions (I refuse to concede that Jared Leto is). Continue reading “Louden Swain – No Time Like the Present (CD)”

Ivan Beecroft – Believe

Ivan Beecroft’s Believe is an effort that immediately draws listeners’ attentions. The beginning instrumentation is lively and bouncy, eventually ceding ground to Ivan’s imitable vocal style. A rousing piano line and punctual drums establish the backdrop upon which the lyrics can hang. The track itself draws from 1990s alternative, 1980s alternative, and even hints of new wave and Britpop to make for something familiar. It is Beecroft’s tremendous command of this single that unites these disparate elements. While there are specific themes that are presented throughout Believe, there is considerable variation to be had during the track. The dynamic that is created between each instrument and Ivan’s own vocals further increase the replay value of the composition. Continue reading “Ivan Beecroft – Believe”

DocFell & Co. – “Dust Bowl Heart”

Lonesomeville starts out DocFell & Co.’s “Dust Bowl Heart”, a rapid track that links together 1950s and 1960s country with dusty desert rock, a hint of rockabilly, and is tied together through the musical arrangements that immediately take listeners’ breaths away. Continue reading “DocFell & Co. – “Dust Bowl Heart””

Howard Simon – “Visitors”

On “Visitors”, Howard Simon provides a taut, focused instrumentation and new takes on a number of earlier genres. Albion is set up as the introductory track, providing fans with a brief run-down of the styles to be experienced throughout the rest of the disc. In Her Name utilizes two sets of vocals to add further depth to the albums. I feel that the multi-layered approach that Howard Simon uses here ensures that listeners will find new dynamics and lines to appreciate after many listens. Continue reading “Howard Simon – “Visitors””

Natalise + The Sunset Run – Glimpses of the Sun EP

Natalise + The Sunset Run start their Glimpses of the Sun EP with Abandon, a genre-defying track that touches upon rock, pop-country, and alternative before concluding. Natalise’s vocals soar brightly over this introductory track, acting as a glue that unites the guitars, drums, and bass. With an unfettered success out of the gate, Natalise + The Sunset Run move into their Love Unconditional. Love Unconditional slows things down for a brief moment. Fans will be on the edges of their seats as the tempo gradually increases into the chorus. This vocal-forward track showcases the sheer range and depth of Natalise.  Continue reading “Natalise + The Sunset Run – Glimpses of the Sun EP”

Mark Reitenga: Unsung

Mark Reitenga’s Unsung begins with The Detroit Blues, an effort that blends a close and cozy sound with a set of vocals that pull from Paul Simon and Dave Matthews. There is a timeless sound to this introductory track, richly playing upon the titular genre and a bit of folk. The track is able to immerse listeners into the unique sound of Reitenga in the space of 2:30.  Continue reading “Mark Reitenga: Unsung”