Mels Love Featuring Da Brat – It’s Over

Mel’s Love’s latest single “It’s Over” features 1990’s legend Da Brat and it’s amazing! The single blends together a old school club sound with Da Brat hip hop style, the song is fun and keeps you dancing along the whole time. It kind of reminds you of someone like Fedde LeGrand or Benny Bennassi with the dance rhythms and deep bass. I really enjoyed this release and could see it becoming a club hit internationally. I hope to hear more from Mel’s Love in the future!

Mels Love Featuring Da Brat – It’s Over /

J Jesus – Higher Purpose

J Jesus is a London based Christian artist that is preparing to release his new album “Higher Purpose”. The music has a soft reggae sound mixed with indie rock like vocals, very different from the traditional artists in this genre. His voice is smooth and allows the love for his music to come to life in each song. The composition is nice and clear allowing the artists vocal talent to really shine, but the music is complementary as well. I think that J Jesus has a good chance to make an impression on his new and old fan with this album and I hope to hear it’s full release soon!


J Jesus – Higher Purpose  /

Flowz Flowetry feat. Chase Inferno – Away

London native Flowz Flowetry has released a new single with Chase Inferno called “Away”. The song has a distinct hip hop, R&B, and reggae blend, Flowz’s vocals are highlighted by the beat and it stays interesting the whole song. The vocals are a mixture of rap and R&B styles and are perfectly matched in the composition.  If I were going to suggest Flowz Flowetry to a fan group; I would say followers of Chris Brown or Trey Songz will like him the most. I look forward to hearing more from him soon! Continue reading “Flowz Flowetry feat. Chase Inferno – Away”

MALEA “You’ll Never Fix My Heart”

“You’ll Never Fix My Heart” is the latest single from Malea, it’s a heartfult confessional with powerfully  worded lyrics and gentle indie rock sounds. Malea’s voice is haunting and beautiful allowing the story to unfold while showing her vocal abilities. The production and mastering is clean with the music an vocals being perfectly balanced . I f I were to recommend Malea to a fan base I would say people who like Adele or Lana del Ray would enjoy her music. I look forward to hearing more from Malea over the course of the next year.


MALEA “You’ll Never Fix My Heart” /


Ricky Official “Work in Progression”

Ricky Official’s newest single “Work In Progression” is an absolute banger. Ricky has really found his groove with this single, it’s definitely a great presentation of  the current hip hop culture. Ricky’s vocals and rapping is tight, he keeps a good flow through the song keeping listeners hooked from the start. Continue reading “Ricky Official “Work in Progression””

ELECTRIC 5 – Crazy

Electric 5 has released a new single, a cover of the cult classic “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. The song my be the same in name but Electric 5 has totally taken it to a new and exciting level. Her soulful vocals mixed with the sinister sounds of the violin, create a edgier and darker “Crazy”. I think fans of Lindsay Sterling would enjoy Electric 5’s classical approach to this song. The video is also very impressive, it is witty and really matches the tone of the song well. I look forward to hearing more from this artist in the future.

ELECTRIC 5 – Crazy /

Alex Cuba “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” feat. Josemi Carmona

Alex Cuba has just released a beautiful new single called “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” featuring Josemi Carmona, this song is a great representation of some of the music available currently in the international scene. Alex blends classic Spanish guitar with contemporary and soulful vocals, making for a memorable experience. Continue reading “Alex Cuba “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” feat. Josemi Carmona”

JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

We have reviewed a number of different headphone options for the electronics section at NeuFutur magazine. This year amount of variation that exists in terms of the overall quality is substantial to the degree that one really needs to do some research when it comes to purchasing a pair of headphones. We had a pair of the JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones dropped down to our headquarters a few days back and we were pleasantly surprised at the level of quality that these entry-priced products have. Continue reading “JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones”

Aaron Camper – Know You Better

Brooklyn, New York native Aaron Camper has released a new single called “Know You Better” and it has grabbed our attention. Aaron’s hip-hop flow mixed with the R&B backing beat is a sure fire hit for the summer. Camper is definitely in touch with today’s music climate with his style fitting with other artists like Chris Brown or Trey Songz. Continue reading “Aaron Camper – Know You Better”